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South Africa

This is Cape Town

Today, Cape Town is the legislative capital of South Africa as well as the capital of the Western Cape province. Since it was the first site of European settlement, Cape Town is known as South Africa’s “mother city”.

Cape Town

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Marrakesh, which is the fourth largest city in the Kingdom of Morocco and was founded in 1602, is also known as the “Red City”, or “Ochre City”, for its peculiar buildings constructed in red sandstone during 1122-1123 by Ali ibn...


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Sunshine City

The government renamed the capital “Harare” in honor of the Shona speaking people who lived in a nearby settlement before British rule and Harare continued to serve as a political, economic, and cultural hub.


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This area of numerous hills and wetlands that later became known as Kampala was the site of the shifting capital of the Buganda Kingdom (each king, upon coronation, used to establish his capital on a different hill).


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Fondazione Imago Mundi | Art from the world

 | 16.12.2020
Imago Mundi, with its evocative name, is a project conceived by the businessman Luciano Benetton, through which he realized his passions: traveling as a source of knowledge of the world and art as a key to interpreting our times. ***...

About Kim Karabo Makin

Cape Town | South Africa
 | 26.1.2021
Kim Karabo Makin, the native of Gaborone, Botswana, is a multidisciplinary artist, radio DJ/host, and core member of The Botswana Pavilion. She’s currently enrolled as a Master of Fine Art student at the Michaelis School of Fine Art at the...

Everything Passes… Except the Past

 | 15.1.2021
On December the 16th Humboldt Forum has virtually opened its doors, but criticisms never stop. The complex issue of colonialism and its impact on today societies is alive more than ever. * * * The 2020 will be remembered not...

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