Don’t talk to a wall…if you don’t want to hear wonderful stories
South Africa
Dream of a brat who wishes to look at the world, become curious about it and discover it._
Cale Waddacor is a South African artist who created Street Art Africa, a book and a project that wants to celebrate the masterpieces of African street art, to show the wonderful voices of these people who still want to commit themselves to make sure that the only imperative is “not to become numb”.
How to be an aviator in the land of art | Story of an encounter with an art world guru
Johannesburg | South Africa
When you arrive in the world of art, what you immediately understand is that the horizons of knowledge will expand infinitely before your eyes. Impossible to stop learning.
We had the pleasure of speaking with David Krut, one of the most noted art publishers and dealers with a focus on artists from South Africa. After a life spent recognizing and talking to artists, he gave us some advice. And he showed us which route to follow.
The Africa Institute of Sharjah
Sharjah | UAE
Even in times of pandemics, art does not stop. Homebound: A Journey in Photography is a project presented by The Africa Institute that had to deal with the sudden and forced closure of museums. Today we will give space on paper to this magnificent story of resistance and courage, hoping that it will remain a while in your eyes too, until it will come down in your heart, to remember it.
One upon a time…a urinal
How contemporary art brought to light the courage of Okwui Enwezor
The White Wave: 20 Years of Moroccan Contemporary Art
Morocco | Casablanca
"The expression "The White Wave" is used to describe the new generation of contemporary Moroccan artists who emerged in the early 2000s. Escaping the expected order, these young non-conformist artists will shake up the artistic scene in Morocco and thus allow a new conception of contemporary art to emerge by creating contemporary narratives that break with the artistic practices of post-war modernism."
Meet Benjamin Füglister founding director of CAP Prize
Art and About Africa team virtually spoke to Benjamin Füglister, founding director of CAP Prize.
A BOOK: A TREASURE by Philips Akwari
Philips Akwari is a visual storyteller from Abiriba, Nigeria who expresses himself mostly through documentary photography, and now, after 7 years of documentation about the different aspects of the culture of Igbo, one of the biggest African ethnic groups, he wants to compile it in a book so that it can be preserved for the next generations: an inspiring project which deserves to be noticed and to have a voice.
Artists from the Continent at the World Press Photo 2020
According to 2018 data provided by the WPPF team, only 2% of entrants come from Africa. The Foundation priority for the coming years is to enhance global diversity by addressing the under-representation of female-identifying photographers and photographers in Africa and South America. The Art and About Africa team went to visit the Word Press Photo 2020 in Rome, Italy, where 139 finalist photos were exhibited to the public.
Catwalk to Freedom
South Sudan
Catwalk to Freedom is a first-of-its-kind initiative to use high fashion to tell the stories of South Sudanese girls facing early child marriage. Catwalk to Freedom doesn’t try to just solve this reality, but it also documents through narrative, photography and video the journeys of girls in South Sudan and Kenya who have experienced early marriage and who have fled or refused marriage, often at the expense of their own physical and emotional harm.
Le graffiti pour sauver des vies eBook | Senegal
During the pandemic, Senegalese graffiti artists committed themselves to fight against the coronavirus pandemic with their art to inform the populations on how to avoid spreading the virus, giving birth to a real movement Dapper Foundation, noticing both the high quality of this artistic production and the social impact of the graffiti, decided to create “Le graffiti pour sauver des vies” eBook to remember what has been done.
Sudan Retold: An Art Book About the History and Future of Sudan
I didn’t expect that Sudan would be one of the places I would most need to understand
An interview with Pauline Guex | Switzerland
E-meet Pauline Guex: auction specialist, independent art historian and curator of Photo Basel 2020 special exhibition Vintage Cabinet “Crossing” and “Beyond the cosmos” together with Audrey Hoareau.
ON-LINE-OFF | Hopping art events in South Africa
South Africa
Artists from The Continent at Photo Basel 2020
Meet Ihoby Lysiane Rabarijohn | Madagascar Ambassador of Art at Art and About Africa
"I have been passionate about art since my childhood. As a matter of fact, I am practicing Shodo (Japanese calligraphy)."
Marina Chichava | Mozambique
Marina Chichava defines herself as a “reclusive performer” in that she loves getting inspired and writing something new whenever her heart desires: “I have always been a fan of poetry and music, but I tend to do it only when I enjoy it. I guess I've never wanted it to become work”.
How to support the Black Lives Matter movement
How to support the Black Lives Matter movement
COVID-19 Impact Survey: African and African Diaspora visual arts communities
Africa and Diaspora
Invitation to participate
Show Bis | The Robin Hoods of European theatres
SHOW BIS: an innovative form of reuse of materials from European theatres
Rwanda and Uganda Community Art Projects
Rwanda | Uganda
“I started out by embarking on a mission that uses art to change lives in Rwanda” - artist Collin Sekajugo reveals.
pIAR | perfocraZe International Artist Residency
Through an inspiring conversation with multidisciplinary artist Va-Bene Elikem Fiatsi (best known as “crazinisT artisT”) we discovered the organization and passion behind perfocraZe International Artist Residency, in Kumasi, Ghana.
Art: An Essential Need, Emergency Grants
"Beauty will save the world" - Dostoevsky
Non-European art and exhibitions: new challenges for ethnographic museums
Acquisitions, restitutions, change of mentality: all tests that await the Museums of "Cultures". Due to the COVID-19 health emergency, the cultural sector is in stand by, but the die seems to be cast.
Angola AIR | Where Art is flying high
Angola Artist-In-Residence
An Afternoon with Vicky Sheelongo
While in Dubai, Vicky Sheelongo came to meet the Art And About Africa team at The Living Room [AKKA Project Dubai].
Get to know: Greatjoy Ndlovu
Johannesburg, South Africa
Greatjoy could have been a great curator but instead, we have a great artist. We have caught up with Ndlovu to get to know him better.
Prête-Moi ton rêve | Abidjan
Abidjan | Ivory Coast
The third stage of the travelling exhibition Prête-moi ton Rêve (Lend me your dream) opened at the Musée des Cultures Contemporaines Adama Toungara in Abidjan. The objective of the organizers is clear: “African art, for Africa by Africans”.
Behind the scene of Prête-Moi ton rêve travelling exhibition
We virtually met up with the organizers of the touring pan-African exhibition Prête-Moi ton rêve Fihr Kettani, general secretary of the Fondation pour le Développement de la Culture Contemporaine Africaine (FDCCA).
Art Notes from Kinshasa
Virtually explore the art scene of Kinshasa - the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo in this period of personal confinement, let your mind be fascinated by the artistic art scene of the city.
An Afternoon with Kenyaa Mzee
South Africa
Kenyaa [Stephanie Mzee] opens up about herself and her artistic path with Lidija KK, Founder of Art And About Africa at The Living Room [AKKA Project, Dubai] during her visit to Dubai.
NOW LOOK HERE. The African Art of Appearance
Amsterdam North
The works in NOW LOOK HERE invite the public to look at Africa with fresh eyes: artists there have been working on a different narrative about the continent for quite some time: look, here, now.
Discovering art in the earthly paradise of the Ile-Maurice
Port Luis is the capital of Mauritius and is where we went looking for art on the island.
Out of Africa by Linda Hollier
South Africa
I know what it is to wake to the early morning breeze and the gentle chirping of birds. I know too that one can expect this to be interrupted by the loud, raucous cries of the hadedas flying overhead in a group.