25.5.2021   |  Art And About Africa

Art Events Program until June 30th

On the occasion of Africa Day, we want to celebrate the art scene that makes up the continent.
We created a guide of art events happening in the country from today until the end of June.
It’s online here below and on Instagram “Guides” and will be constantly updated.
Everyone who is organizing or participating in an art event is invited to send us the information to be added to the guide.

Let’s celebrate the African Continent together through its Arts and creativity!

Art and About Africa team wishes you all an amazing day.

The list follows the Alphabetic order by States, at the end are also listed the exhibition involving artist from the Continent outside Africa.

FRÈRES D’ÂME, oh gallery, galerie la manege, dakar, senegal, art and about africa

Angola, Luanda at This is Not a White Cube
In Memory We Trust by René Tavares
Artist: René Tavares

Egypt, Cairo at Karim Francis Gallery
Fragrance of Sudan, 5 June – 3 July

Ghana, Accra at ADA Contemporary
Cross Hatching Affluence by Hamid Nii Nortey, 6 May – 16 June
Artist: Hamid Nii Nortey

Ghana, Accra at Nubuke Foundation
Look at We, 5 May – 15 August

Kenya, Nairobi at Circle Art Gallery
There is a time and a place by Jonathan Gathaara Sölanke Fraser, 12 May – 11 June
Artist: Jonathan Gathaara Sölanke Fraser

Behind the river: Souad Abdelrassoul, 23 June – 23 July

There is a time and a place, Jonathan Gathaara Sölanke Fraser, circle art agency, art and about africa, contemporary african art, artmap, african art map, art map africa

Jonathan Fraser, Untitled (III), 2021

Morocco, Marrakesh at Le 18 Marrakesh
I Rub My Language Against The Other, 26 March – 30 June
Artists: Ebrahim Bahaa-Eldin, Salah Bouade, Hiba Dahibi, Kais Aiouch & Chahine Fellahi, Guilain Delanoue, Anass Ouaziz, Fatine-Violette Sabiri, Yassine Rachidi, Yassine Sellame, Kamil Tahiri, Mounir Rahmouni, Adnane Zemmama.

Morocco, Marrakesh
Suspended Roots Om Sleiman Farm – KSCC & more, 18 April – 27 June

Senegal, Dakar at Oh Gallery
Frères d’ame 22 May – 15 July
Artists: Lune Diagne and Sambou Diouf

When the gesture releases, 5 June – 28 August
Artists: Félicité Codjo and Seyini Awa Camara

South Africa, Cape Town at Barnard Gallery
Paintings for Disappearing by Katherine Spindler, 29 May – 29 June
Artists: Katherine Spindler

South Africa, Cape Town at Goodman Gallery
Fathom Group Exhibition, 25 March – 30 May
Artists: Alfredo Jaar, Gerhard Marx, Jeremy Wafer, Kiluanji Kia Henda, Pamela Phatsimo Sunstrum, Sue Williamson.

Markers of Presence by David Goldblatt, 10 June – 24 July

South Africa, Cape Town at What if the world
Not Angels or Algorithms, Only Human Error, 22 May – 3 July
Curated by Lindsey Raymond, artists: Dineo Seshee Bopape, Lungiswa Gqunta, Dynasty Handbag, Angel Ho, Lakin Ogunbanwo, Cameron Platter, Tabita Rezaire, Athi-Patra Ruga, and Warrick Sony.

South Africa, Cape Town at AVA – Association for Visual Art 
4 Exhibitions: “Over the Horizon”, “Live Bees!”, “Interrupted”, “Rapid Eye Movement”, 2 June – 8 July

South Africa, Cape Town at Everard Read
In conversation, 9-30 June

Lucy Jane Turpin, 9-30 June

South Africa, Cape Town at Nel
Black is Blue: a durational performance artwork by Oupa Sibeko, 3-6 June

South Africa, Cape Town at Norval Foundation
Alt and Omega: Jackson Hlungwani, a sculpture retrospective, 2 Sept 2020 – 10 January 2022
Artist: Jackson Hlungwani

South Africa, Cape Town at 99 Loop Gallery
Untitled 8.99, 15 May – 26 June

Fanie Buys, 15 May – 26 June

South Africa, Cape Town at SMAC Gallery
Angel of the house | Solo Exhibition by Usha Seejari, 8 May – 19 June

South Africa, Cape Town at Salon 91
As Far as Forever will Take us, 9 June – 3 July

South Africa, Cape Town at Norval Foundation
iiNyanga Zonyaka: Athi-Patra Ruga, 2 Sept 2020 – 14 March 2022
Artist: iiNyanga Zonyaka
The Reunion: Georgina Gratrix, 13 February – 18 October

Norval Athi-Patra-Ruga.-Photo-by-Mike-Hall

South Africa, Cape Town at Zeitz Mocaa
Shooting Down Babylon by Tracey Rose, 17 Feb – 29 August
Artist: Tracey Rose

South Africa, Cape Town at Stevenson
Meschac Gaba: Citoyen du monde, 29 April – 26 June

Stage: Khanyisile Mawhay, 19 April – 26 June

South Africa, Johannesburg at Goodman Gallery
Solo Exhibition | Paul Maheke. 18 April – 26 May
Artist: Paul Maheke

South Africa, Johannesburg at David Krut Project
Visitor by Anna van der Ploeg, 26 June – 7 July

South Africa, Johannesburg at SMAC Gallery
This is Not Propaganda, 29 May – 3 July

South Africa, Johannesburg at Candice Berman Gallery
Jagged, 27 May – 24 June


Ingrid Bolton, art and about africa

Ingrid Bolton, Opencast series II, 2019

South Africa, Johannesburg at Berman Contemporary
Lines of evidence by Ingrid Bolton 29 May – 6 June
Artist: Ingrid Bolton

South Africa, Johannesburg at Guns and Rain
Unnatural Objects 27 May – 9 June
Artists: Rosemarie Marriott, Jo Rogge and Tawanda Takura

South Africa, Johannesburg at The Bag Factory
Phumulani Ntuli: A navigation guide to Kwanqingetshe, 29 May – 26 June

OUT of Africa

Belgium at Africa Museum
‘Mabele eleki lola ! The earth, brighter than paradise’ by Freddy Tsimba, 1 December 2020 – 15 August

Belgium at ​Middelheim Museum
Congoville, 29 May – 3 October

Denmark, Aarhus, at ARoS Art Museum
This Is Not Africa – Unlearn What You Have Learned,  27 March – 24 October

France at Bibracte Museum
La Voix Le Loin by Raharimanana, May – November 2021

France at Afikaris
HUMAN@CONDITION by Jean David Nkot, 29 May – 7 July

France at Manifesta
Imaginaires Émancipés, 28 May – 16 July

France at Frac Nouvelle-Aquitaine MÉCA
Memoria : récits d’une autre Histoire, 5 February – 20 November
Part of the Focus Women of the Africa2020 Season

France at Le Fab.
Vive l’Afrique!!, 21 May – 24 July

France, Lyon at Manifesta in collaboration with AKAA Art Fair
Imaginairesémancipés, 18 May – 16 July

France at Les Robinsonnes
Exhibition of contemporary African art, 20 May – 30 June

London at October Gallery
Tears that taste of the sea by Rachid Koraichi, 13 April – 12 June

London at Coningsby Gallery
We Find What We Seek, 25 May – 5 June
Artists: Ben Agbee, James Mishio, Theophilus Tetteh, and Jimas Ametonou

London at Modern Art Oxford
Samson Kambalu: New Libera, 22 May – 5 September

Spain at Out of Africa Gallery
Afro Seduction by ANJEL (Boris Anje), 7 May – 20 June

Italy, Venezia at AKKA Project
Rhythmic Elements, Group Exhibition,  18 May – 30 June
Artists: Charles Bhebe, Tafadzwa Gwetai, Berry Bickle, Neville Starling

Italy, Milan at Osart Gallery
Money Loves Money by Dan Halter, 25 May – 31 July

Italy, Florence at Villa Ramona
African Diaspora Cinema Festival, 23 – 26 June 2021

Hong Kong at Pace Gallery
David Adjaye and Adam Pendleton, 18 May – 30 June

Switzerland at Fabienne Levy
Colours of my dream, 5 June – 4 September
Artists: Amina Benbouchta, M’barek Bouhchichi, Ekene Emeka-Maduka, Longinos Nagila & Alexis Peskine



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