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9.12.2020   |  Art And About Africa

Artist from the Continent at Intersect Chicago

Intersect Chicago organized by Intersect Art and Design was forced to go online due to the global situation. We spoke about the 2020 edition with the Managing Director Becca Hoffman.


The pandemic turned upside-down, not only our lives, but also our ways, times and spaces through which we are enjoying our culture: museums and art galleries closed, exhibitions, and fairs pushed back indefinitely. But someone was able to resist and move on, improving its approach thanks to the opportunities given by technology, to reach again arts enthusiasts.
This is the case of Intersect Chicago (online November 6-12, 2020), inaugurated by Intersect Art and Design, to replace SOFA Chicago, which 2020 edition was interrupted due to Covid-19.
“For our inaugural virtual edition of Intersect Chicago / SOFA, we envisioned a daily dedicated focus meant to highlight the breadth and depth of artwork on view and the dynamic group of cultural partners we worked with. The daily focus included: glass art, contemporary art, ceramic arts and crafts, design, outsider art, fiber art, and public art and sculpture.” said Becca Hoffman.
Intersect Chicago 2020 featured 105 galleries from all over the world (23 different countries) that spectators could visit through the initiative of the virtual tour.
Eleven are the artist from the African continent presented at the 2020 edition:
Dennis Muraguri, Kenya
Abdoulaye Konaté, Mali
David Thuku, Kenya
Soly Cissé, Senegal
Kimathi Mafafo, South Africa
Péju Alatise, Nigeria
Chris Soal, South Africa
Raphael Adjetey Mayne, Ghana
Hugh Byrne, South Africa
Joël Andrianomearisoa, Madagascar
Anjel, Cameroon

Certainly, this initiative seems like a sign of hope by reminding us how is important keeping some quality time to cultivate our interests, forgetting for a while the current situation.
Despite its seriousness, this crisis doesn’t have to paralyze us: instead, it has to push people doing its own best to keep alive those routines that have always vivified everyday life.
Enjoying art, even though virtually, means that we can appreciate again the possibility of connection: physical contact is forbidden nowadays, however, it has evolved in a different direction, as a flow of ideas, excitements, institutions from all over the world, assembled in a unique place.
When asked about the project for the future, Becca Hoffman replies:
“We are currently working on our 2021 projects and feel optimistic about returning to in-person art fairs in the future. Our Fairs will have local and regional roots with a global reach; we aim to highlight and strengthen the communities to which we bring city-wide cultural events.”


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