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Award winning African photography | Photo Basel

19 April – 2 May 2021
Award Winning African Photography – Photo Basel Takes a Closer Look is an online showcase of contemporary African photography presented in the framework of photo Basel international art fair’s virtual exhibitions. The roughly 200 award-winning works exhibited are sourced from the CAP Prize – the International African Photography Prize, the limited print edition Edition POPCAP, democraSEE (Photo:), the Uganda Press Photo Award and East African Photo Award (FOTEA). The exhibition not only includes photographic positions but also offers video backgrounds on the exhibited photographers and projects. A custom-tailored program of talks and presentations is offered and to be accessed free of charge at

Exhibited artists (In alphabetical order)
Zahara Abdul, Zied Ben Romdhane, Jodi Bieber, Nabil Boutros, Guillaume Bonn, Sanne de Wilde & Benedicte Kurzen César Dezfuli, Alex Esagala, Rahima Gambo, Ilan Godfrey, Eric Gyamfi, Thembinkosi Hlatshwayo Tahir Carl Karmali, Badru Katumba Eyoeal Kefyalew, M’hammed Kilito Timothy Latim, Gosette Lubondo, Simon Fidelis Luyenga, Dillon Marsh, Matthias Mugisha, Kibuuka Mukisa, Thomas Mukoya Abu Mwesigwa, Jim Joel Nyakaana Miriam Namutebi Gordwin Odhiambo Brian Otieno, Paolo Patrizi, Thom Pierce, Léonard Pongo, Chris Dennis Rosenberg, Julia Runge Richard Sanya, Abdo Shanan Martha Tadesse, Kuloba Peter Tera, Romaric Tisserand Jansen van Staden Mauro, Vombe Sarah Waiswa, Graeme Williams Ismail Zaidy.

The selection of works presented in the exhibition Award Winning African Photography, photo basel takes a closer look is based on the winning projects from the CAP Prize, the international African Photography Prize 2019 and 2020. Additionally a selection of photography from the Edition POPCAP, curated by Benjamin Füglister and positions from the Uganda Press Photo Award and East African Photo Award (FOTEA) by Anna Kućma as well as from democraSEE (Photo:) by John Fleetwood is presented in this virtual edition showcase.

Benjamin Füglister
is the founder of the annual CAP Prize, the International Prize for Contemporary African Photography, tendered for the first time in 2012. Füglister is a nominator for the renowned Prix Pictet, and is a member of Photo Basel’s artistic advisory circle. He regularly works as a reviewer at international photography festivals, such as the European Month of Photography in Vienna or the Uganda Press Photo Award. Füglister is the co-director of the IAF Basel – Festival of Contemporary Art. He is a member of the European Photography magazine editorial staff since 2006.

John Fleetwood
is a photography curator, educator, and director of Photo:; a multi-operation platform for the development and promotion of socially engaged photography work, projects, photographers, and critical visual culture. He recently curated ‘Five Photographers: A tribute to David Goldblatt’ exhibited in various cities including Johannesburg, Maputo, and Bamako (2018–2019). In 2017, he was guest editor for Aperture’s Platform Africa edition. From 2002–2015 Fleetwood was the director of the Market Photo Workshop. He lives and works in Johannesburg.

Anna Kućma
is the director of FOTEA and the Uganda Press Photo Award, a photography platform and annual competition for East African photojournalists and photographers. She also works as a curator and producer focusing on visual literacy, photography education, and development. She has curated and assisted many exhibitions in the region and internationally and often serves as a nominator and jury member for photography initiatives. She is based in Kampala, Uganda.

About the organizers
photo Basel international art fair invited its longtime partner, the CAP Association, to undergo this endeavour.

Photo Basel
Switzerland´s first international art fair dedicated to photography based art takes places annually during Art Basel week.
photo basel brings together galleries from around the world in a unique, authentic setting. For its collectors, visitors and buyers – photo basel is an active platform which fosters the dialog between all actors of the photography community and beyond through physical (IRL) art fairs and digital initiatives.

CAP Association
A not for profit association based in Basel, Switzerland founded with the aim of executing African photography projects in November 2016. The association was initiated through projects that were previously started in the framework of Verein Liaison from 2012–2016. Today the association is responsible for the CAP Prize for Contemporary African Photography awarded annually to five photographic portfolios that engage with the African continent or its diaspora. This annual celebration of African photography quickly led to the implementation of a festival titled IAF Festival for Contemporary Art. Another project is the Edition POPCA, a limited print edition of a number of CAP Prize winners’ photographs that are for sale online and through exhibitions. In addition the CAP Association offers a workshop and coaching program labeled CAP Academy, taught mainly by the winners of the CAP Prize, to foster photographic practices in African contexts.


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