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Colours of my Dream at Fabienne Levy in Switzerland

‘’ The Dream is indispensable as a structuring element of the collective and individual imagination ’’. – Djibril Samb
Colours of my dream, curated by Kami Gahiga feature five artists of African heritage: Longinos Nagila, Ekene Emeka Maduka, Amina Benbouchta, M’barek Bouhchichi & Alexis Peskine at Fabienne Levy Gallery in Switzerland.
5 June – 4 September 2021

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‘’L’Interprétation des Rêves en Afrique Noire” (Prix Noma 1999) by Senegalese philosopher Djibril Samb is the starting point for the curatorial line of the show. Samb contends that while Western interpretation of dreams often falls within the individual’s realm, dreams can hold other meanings that go beyond the personal experience. In “Colours of my Dream,” artists weave their universe, making us discover a world that combines an array of imaginaries. “Colours of my Dream” comprehends and reaches past common themes associated with the traditional portrayal of contemporary African art that often confines artists of African heritage into limited categories.
Visitors are invited to immerse themselves and be taken away by a constellation of imaginings. The exhibition seeks to shine a light on the artists’ nuanced and distinctive narratives that emerge from their practices.
Longinos Nagila is a Nairobi-based experimental and multi-media artist who explores the relationship between surfaces and shapes. His works on paper are multi-vocal and never say or appear to represent the same to every viewer. By challenging the viewer’s perspective, Nagila’s works invite his audience to question the hierarchy of standpoints.
Foregrounding an interest in self-portraiture, Ekene Emeka Maduka’s paintings are based upon her recollection of lived and imagined experiences. Recurrent themes in the artist’s work involve investigating the ‘self’ and the impact that cultural, social, and political exposure has on identity.
Amina Benbouchta’s practice deals with the notion of time and involves incorporating floating and static elements in a range of media. Her repertoire of motifs draws from domestic life and explores the social dynamics around home, family, and childhood, and in a larger sense the manner in which our society functions.

colour of my dream, art and about africa, contemporary african art, artmap, african art map, art map africa

M’Barek Bouhchichi, Corps d’Argile

M’barek Bouhchichi’s art engages with the concept of space and borders between North and Sub-Saharan Africa, is imbued with poetic exchanges, and rooted in the idea of sharing. He incorporates symbols of traditional Berber art; whose principal axiom is the individual within the community.
Alexis Peskine brings his three-dimensional creations by using a technique he coined “acu- painting.” His dignified nail-works, painted with moon gold leaf and pierced on coffee-stained wood, offer a space of healing and reflection in the face of contemporary violence committed against people of colour.
“Colours of my Dream” is a rich contemporary artistic cartography that revives significant African literature and philosophies.

colour of my dream, art and about africa, contemporary african art, artmap, african art map, art map africa

Alexis Peskine, Passage



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