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11.5.2021   |  Art And About Africa

Obáyomí Anthony Ayòdélé, first laureate at the Taurus Foundation

Obáyomí Anthony Ayòdélé is currently on view at Bieler Fototage festival of contemporary photography until May 30, 2021.
He is the first winner of the Taurus Prize for Visual Arts. His project “Give Us This Day” was selected by the jury composed of Inua Ellams, Tosin Oshinowo, Oluremi Onabanjo, Iheanyi Onwuegbucha and Azu Nwagbogu.
The project explores the interconnection between religion and the lottery — systems of belief that sell hope of a better future.


His winning project is shown as part of the Bieler Fototage; the finished work will subsequently be exhibited in the summer at the Photoforum Pasquart (Exhibition space dedicated to Swiss and international emerging photography) and African Artists’ Foundation Lagos in October.
Obayomi is interested in the ways in which religious institutions and gambling organizations work on people’s minds, especially among the very poor. In his installation, he questions the commercialization of hope in the face of the daily struggles of the population of Lagos, Nigeria, in a context of lack of resources and limited purchasing power.

About Anthony Ayodele Obayomi
Born in Nigeria in 1994, he lives and works in Lagos. He holds a BA in Creative Arts from the University of Lagos and explores storytelling techniques that combine art and technology in immersive installations and through experimental media. In 2017, he was awarded the LagosPhoto National Geographic Portfolio Review Prize and was selected for the Electric South New Dimensions Labin 2018, before winning the Taurus Prize for Visual Arts in 2019.

About Taurus Prize for Visual Arts and the Taurus Foundation for Arts and Sciences
The Taurus Prize for Visual Arts is awarded every two years to a contemporary artist by a selection committee of professionals from within or outside the art world. Dedicated to a geographical area instead of a theme, the prize rejects the imposition of exterior narratives onto territories and promotes relevance and accuracy.

The Area:
Every two years, for each edition of the prize, a new area is designated. It can be the size of a street, a region or a country. The selection committee is renewed accordingly and composed of people from the area, or having thorough knowledge about it. All artists, who are familiar with it, who have a project about it or that it inspires, are invited to apply. In 2019, the Foundation chose Lagos mainland.

Aside from its financial dimension, the Taurus Prize for Visual Arts (10.000 CHF) aims at supporting its laureates in the long run, and at developing a support system and a conversation about the laureates’ projects. It also fosters collaborations and, more specifically, enables a partnership, renewed for each edition of the prize, between a Swiss and a foreign institution.
The award enables the laureate to travel to the area, if he/she/they does not live there, according to his/her/their schedule and to develop the project. The funds may only be used for this purpose.

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