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17.6.2020   |  Art And About Africa

Meet Ihoby Lysiane Rabarijohn | Madagascar Ambassador of Art at Art and About Africa

Ihoby graduated from Essec Business School in Paris and earned a certificate in African Art history and recently a certificate in Contemporary Art from MoMA. She got specialized in Art Marketing in order to pursue her passion for visual art and everything that is connected with it.

Ihoby Lysiane Rabarijohn, Courtesy of Pierrot Men

After spending many years in Europe and other African countries, she returned to her Island where she is promoting emergent visual artists and creating a market for contemporary art. Working relentlessly as an art advisor and consultant.

AAAA: What is your involvement with the local community?

ILR: I am thrilled to have the opportunity to meet, exchange ideas and experiences regularly with artists and art lovers in my country and build a special relationship with them. 
More people in Madagascar can now access and appreciate art thanks to technology which made it possible to browse artworks on desktops and mobile devices. Furthermore, lately even more art events and exhibitions have been organised.

I am also supporting an education project whose target is to publish and distribute books to children all over Madagascar, this project provides an opportunity to promote visual artists as some artworks are giving life to the stories. (Diary Nofy project:

AAAA: As an Art Advisor, what would your advice be to anyone looking to invest in their first piece of art? and how to build an art collection?

ILR: Research and learn as much as possible about the artists you would like to collect. Building a collection takes time so dedication is an essential part and always buys what they like!

AAAA: How was your experience in organizing the first Madagascar Pavilion at the Venice Biennale?
ILR: Being involved with the organization of the first Madagascar Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2019 was an amazing experience and I felt so blessed to be part of the team. I loved so much seeing the tote bags « I have forgotten the night » designed by Joël Adrianomearisoa (the artist representing Madagascar), on the streets of Venice.

AAAA: Any other projects you would like to tell us about?

ILR: I coordinated Pierrot Men photo exhibition in PHOTOSAINTGERMAIN festival for its 8th edition, a major event on the Parisian art scene.

AAAA: Tell us about your next project(s)

ILR: To overcome this distressing pandemic period we are living, I am currently working with a friend (Anne Barday who runs an embroidery workshop: Instagram _d’ileseniles_) here in Antananarivo on creating pieces using hand embroidery as a primary medium. Both traditional and original techniques are practiced. UB.AB works are coming soon!


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