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Rwanda | Uganda
3.6.2020   |  Art And About Africa

Rwanda and Uganda Community Art Projects

In 2007 Collin opened Ivuka Arts Kigali, Rwanda’s first visual art space, which in no time became a sought-after art centre where struggling youth could find solace and hope through art practice.
Inspired by this creative incubator, many alumni opened similar concepts across the capital Kigali and other towns. 
Collin never stopped addressing his effort in developing concepts, that could bridge the gap between art and communities within Eastern Africa; these projects have always been very welcomed within the communities:
“My mission is to continue linking communities with arts, wherever I can set foot across Africa”- states Collin.
For this very reason, he expanded his vision into Uganda, where he opened an art retreat center called Camp Ndegeya: “Ndegeya is my father’s home village and I have been transforming it into an arts destination since 2012”. 
Collin envisioned this project as a stepping stone for the development of Ndegeya village into the first of its kind arts tourism hub. Indeed, Camp Ndegeya hosted various activities and events that attracted multiple artists, art lovers, cultural practitioners and tourists from different parts of the world.

Collin also opened a children’s library that aims at promoting early literacy in the village. Furthermore, he founded a community arts center called Ndege Ya Akili that encourages local youth in discovering and developing their artistic skills:
 “Lately, I have been focusing on pushing boundaries and reinventing potentials for my own artwork, at the same time I’m keen on discovering more local talent through the Ndege Ya Akili art center in Masaka, Uganda.”

All projects has been entirely funded by selling his art around the world. However if you wish to help Collin to realize these projects, you can reach out to him and find out how.

“I can’t imagine a world without art. Besides art being such a pivotal aspect of our lifestyles or livelihoods, its vitality cannot be compromised by anything else.
Art uplifts our spirits and kills boredom – especially during these turbulent times of the world today. Art is us and we are art.” – declares Collin.


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