South Sudan
While in Dubai, Vicky Sheelongo came to meet the Art And About Africa team at The Living Room [AKKA Project Dubai].
Johannesburg, South Africa
Greatjoy could have been a great curator but instead, we have a great artist. We have caught up with Ndlovu to get to know him better.
Abidjan | Ivory Coast
Virtually explore the art scene of Kinshasa - the capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo in this period of personal confinement, let your mind be fascinated by the artistic art scene of the city.
South Africa
Kenyaa [Stephanie Mzee] opens up about herself and her artistic path with Lidija KK, Founder of Art And About Africa at The Living Room [AKKA Project, Dubai] during her visit to Dubai.
Amsterdam North
The works in NOW LOOK HERE invite the public to look at Africa with fresh eyes: artists there have been working on a different narrative about the continent for quite some time: look, here, now.
Port Luis is the capital of Mauritius and is where we went looking for art on the island.
South Africa
I know what it is to wake to the early morning breeze and the gentle chirping of birds. I know too that one can expect this to be interrupted by the loud, raucous cries of the hadedas flying overhead in a group.