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20.2.2020   |  Silvia Colussi & Giampiero Grosso

Discovering art in the earthly paradise of the Ile-Maurice

Port Luis is the capital of Mauritius and is where we went looking for art on the island.

Port Louis is the capital of Mauritius and is where we went looking for art on the island.

Arriving at the Caudan Waterfront, in the center of Port Luis, the CAUDAN ARTS CENTER immediately welcomed us. A very beautiful, modern, welcoming and engaging art corner with well-used spaces, tastefully organized walls and captivating reception.
So, an important all-round art center in the heart of the city, in an excellent position also from a tourist point of view as it’s located on the Indian Ocean shore, with mountains background, inside a beautiful basin warm all year round.

Penny Museum

Leaving the Caudan Arts Center and looking around the feeling is to be in a “artistic oriented” area: there are outdoor art exhibition with artist, the DIDUS art gallery, the Penny Museum and the very picturesque street of umbrellas that runs through the centre and it continues towards the underpass that leads to the city centre itself (this road is absolutely to experience for its originality and for its ability to stimulate happiness!).

Didus art gallery

The current outdoor exhibition, obtained from natural elements, certainly has a charm of ancient art, stimulated by the forms of materials moulded by the hands of the artist.

The DIDUS ART gallery, managed by a very helpful and friendly lady, is worth a visit and offers a remarkable quantity and variety of works by Mauritian artists.

The Penny Museum exhibit in addition to the history of the island, two priceless stamps and a collection of coins, features several statues including the original statue of Paul and Virginie by Prosper d’Epinay.

We had a lunch break at the market and then ready again to search for the Museum of photography!

“To search” is the exact definition because its a little hidden, but it hides immediately behind a shopping centre! It is sufficient to cross the shopping center from inside and exit on the opposite side. Once outside on the right .. here is the Museum!

It is a small private museum that definitely deserves the research because, in addition to the cameras (including one of the four original first daguerreotype machines), it has many very interesting photos and the constant presence of the owners – really exquisite – who accompany the visitors discovering photography it’s priceless!

Mauritius street


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